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Genuine Toyota C-HR - Tow bar harness adapter from 7P (car) to 13P (trailer) - PZ401-00560-07

Genuine Toyota C-HR - Tow bar harness adapter from 7P (car) to 13P (trailer) - PZ401-00560-07
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Part Number:  PZ401-00560-07
Brand:  Toyota


If you have an existing trailer or rear bicycle holder, or perhaps you want to hire a trailer when you travel in another country, you may find that the plug socket is different to that on your new car. Such a problem is easily resolved! A Toyota socket adapter enables you to safely and securely connect your carís towing hitch wiring harness to that of a trailer or bicycle holder even if the plugs donít match. Toyota adapters are designed to provide a durable connection between different types of plug sockets. They are available in three versions: *7 pin (car) to 13 pin (trailer). *13 pin (car) to 7 pin (trailer). *13 pin (car) to 12N-12S double socket (trailer).

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